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As one of the fastest growing economies, India offers NRIs a wide range of investment opportunities across a variety of asset classes. NRIs keen to explore investment opportunities in Indian capital markets can choose from various investment avenues such as Indian dedicated Mutual Funds Schemes, Portfolio Investment Schemes and other eligible securities.

India has continued standing as an attractive investment destination due to a strong Indian economy and a great performance by the Indian Stock markets and the Mutual Fund industry. Above all, India is like a tax haven when it comes to investing in equity, as NRIs can enjoy tax benefits on their equity investment such as tax-free long-term capital gains.

We offer a convenient and hassle-free way of investing in the Indian Securities Market to NRIs who wish to participate in the Indian growth story. We guide our NRI clients at every step of their investment needs so that they have complete peace of mind about their investments in India. Our capability to analyse relevant information in market trends, and the best in-class investment products plays an important role in assisting our NRI clients in making the right decision. Our experience of capital markets & retail financial services makes us a reliable NRI investment solutions company. Our products, services and technology helps facilitate an excellent investment experience. Our core competency lies in Mutual Fund Advisory & Reality Services for our NRI Clients. We follow need-based advisory model after assessing the risk profile and investment objective.  At Arhaum Enterprises (Indian Wealth Management), we offer a variety of NRI services:


  • 1- Determination of your residential status in India
  • 2- Interpretation of DTAA with a view to reduce tax liability in India
  • 3- Handling of issues relating to inheritance, will, etc.
  • 4- Compliances with respect to the Income-tax Act, 1961, Wealth-tax Act, etc.
  • 5- Application for Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  • 6- Filing of India tax return
  • 7- Advising suitable tax saving investments
  • 8- Opening NRE,NRO and FCNR accounts
  • 9- And many more NRI services


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