Technical Analysis provides a mechanism to set entry and exit points, to get risk-reward ratios, or stop out levels.

Money ( no intrinsic value)  buys goods ( tangible goods) like foods, clothes just because there is a shared psychology that it will be accepted, so it is. While fundamental Analysis is important and may provide a gauge of the supply-demand situations ( i.e. price/ earnings ratio, economic statistics etc) and so forth , there is no psychological component involved in such analysis. Yet, the markets are influenced at times, to a major extent, by emotionalism. As per John Maynard Keynes -” There is nothing so disastrous as a rational investment policy in an irrational world”.  Technical  Analysis provides the only mechanism to measure the “irrational” (emotional) component present in all markets.  

As soon as you have money in the market, emotionalism is in the driver’s seat and rationalism and objectivity are mere passengers. If you doubt this, do paper trading and then try trading with your own funds. You will soon discover how deeply counterproductive aspects of tension, anticipation and anxiety alter the way you trade and view the markets – usually in proportion to the funds committed.  

Technical Analysis can put “objectivity”  back in driver’s seat. Technical Analysis provides a mechanism to set entry and exit points , to set risk-reward ratios , or stop out levels. By using them, you foster a risk and management approach to trading.  

Imagine you as an investor / trader. You buy a stock. Immediately it falls. Do you take a loss ? Usually No. It is human nature to see the market as we want to see it, not as really it is. Thus you will glean all the fundamental news you can in order to buoy your hope that the stock will turn in your direction. Meanwhile prices continue to descend. Perhaps stock prices are trying to tell you something. The stock communicates to you and you can monitor these messages by using Technical Analysis.  

As per famous trader Jesse Livermore – One can see the whole better when one sees it from a distance. Technical Analysis makes us step back and get a different and perhaps better perspective on the market.  

Students enrolling for this programme will be entitled to attend webinars for 10 sessions of 2 hrs each, free email query support, Question & Answer platform support and a Certificate of Participation by .There are mock tests designed after each session to check and ensure the level of understanding of the participants. All the knowledge content is provided by



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Online Modified Technical Analyst is  a useful course for MBAs / Students pursuing MBA who would like to get in-depth understanding of Technical Analysis of financial markets. It provides knowledge fortification & exposure to practical application of Technical Analysis of financial markets, serving as an effective resume builder and ideal preparation for future career in financial markets.

New Investors, Retail Traders, and Financial Service Professionals shall also benefit from this course as not only do we provide the theoretical knowledge, but also the mentoring and training guidance, to help each participant achieve their goals for profitable trading of stocks, indices, currency and commodity. It offers all the benefits of being online, thus helping participants learn at self-pace and continue studying while working.

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